Committed to shape and invest in the future of financial services

Phoenician, part of More Capital Group, is at the heart of thriving capitals of digital innovation and startup ecosystems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We are seasoned advisors, devoted problem solvers, who share a passion for technology and financial services. With a particular drive to change the way financial services are traditionally conducted in the MENA region and globally, we believe that technology will help in unlocking massive social, economic and commercial opportunities. In our view, this change has barely started and is bound to catch up with other industries (travel, transportation, commerce) driven by a major shift in users’ behaviors, preferences and internet access. This is why our team actively supports founders to co-shape successful ventures in the early stages of investment, and create value across the investment life-cycle. We provide strategic guidance, market access and insights, linkages to relevant networks to drive long-term success of our partner companies.


Visionary, fully dedicated
and passionate founding team

Innovative, disruptive
and scalable product

Technology Related Startups
Large addressable market
with potential for growth

Technology Related Startups
Differentiated value proposition
addressing prevalent needs



Advisors and Investment Committee



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