Committed to shape and invest in the future of financial services

A strong belief in the transformative power of technology is behind Phoenician Funds. We are at the heart of thriving capitals of digital innovation and start-up ecosystems from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to Europe and the rest of the world.
We place our odds and take chances on founders who share our values and our aspiring sense of accomplishment. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and devoted problem solvers with deep insights into various sectors and market needs. We work closely together and think collectively to create value in what we do.
We strive to ensure our partner companies succeed in their journeys. Our team actively supports founders in reaching their potential by co-shaping early-stage successful ventures and creating value across the investment life cycle. Our committed team passionately works to provide strategic guidance, market access and insights, and linkages to relevant networks to propel long-term success for our founders.
We share a passion for disruptive technology and value its transformative impact specifically within the financial services industry. We believe that technology will allow a range of sectors and industries to thrive following the clear shift in users’ behaviours, preferences, and internet access. Technology in the financial services or Fintech is key to unlock colossal social, economical, and commercial opportunities.
For us Fintech is not just a hot sector, we see it as a cornerstone to build the future of business. It renders financial services adaptable for the needs of venture owners and consumers. In addition to its power to expedite the delivery of financial services and products to the modern consumer, Fintech drives financial inclusion in many untapped markets and societies. In a nutshell, Fintech is becoming indispensable for the global economy, the modern business environment, and the evolving human needs.


Visionary, fully dedicated
and passionate founding team

Innovative, disruptive
and scalable product

Technology Related Startups
Large addressable market
with potential for growth

Technology Related Startups
Differentiated value proposition
addressing prevalent needs



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